Tenant Placement for Landlords and Property Managers


Part Time

There are around 14M landlords in the United States who manage their property and many of these are part time landlords. Often busy professionals with a separate career, these professionals are constantly looking for ways to save time and simplify. These landlords know value when they see it, and love our service because it is so simple. 


Managing a remote rental works well for many landlords, especially if there is an established renter. But when a renter gives notice, a remote landlord is in a real bind. Finding a new tenant while in a different city or state is a huge hassle! RentSavvy is perfect for Remote Landlords because the service provides “boots on the ground” support that handles all the details. Our licensed realtors can even set up a lockbox for you, saving you a trip to your rental. 


There is a rush of landlords who never intended to be a landlord. Millions of homeowners are locked into fixed loans at the lowest rates in history and rather than sell when relocating, droves of smart homeowners are choosing to keep their real estate investment leveraging the property asset coupled with a low interest rate. In addition, we are living through the greatest generational wealth transfers in history as the Silent Generation and Boomers are passing assets down to Gen X and Millennials. Our solution finds qualified, reliable tenants to care for these sentimental assets while generating reliable cash flow. 


A landlord just getting started is often unsure of the best way to fill their property with a quality tenant. There are a lot of steps and if the process is unfamiliar and new, it is daunting. RentSavvy takes the hassle away and makes it easy. Our service handles all aspects of the leasing process. We’ve created a path for new landlords to fast track and simplify the vacancy process so they don’t have to invent their own. New landlords are loving how easy it is.


America is one of the most stable economies in the world, attracting millions of investors who buy rental properties as a way to protect and grow wealth. Our service is a fit for these landlords who can manage and fill their vacancy remotely. 

For Professionals

Property Managers
Property management is one of the hardest businesses out there and innovations in the industry are creating more profit for early adopters while squeezing companies who aren’t as quick to adopt. RentSavvy is a powerful tool that gives PMs an edge. Our white label service helps expand capacity in portfolios with SFHs, or enable increase the types of client-owners an agency can serve. By employing our service, PMs are increasing their roll and increasing their multiple. Inquire about special volume pricing for PM companies. 

Leasing Agents
Leasing properties has a thousand moving parts. Leasing agents streamline their work and find instant efficiency, smooth seasonality by lightening the load during turnover season. and fill in gaps you can’t bridge. Increase productivity, especially during the busy season, and 5x agent productivity. Inquire about special volume pricing for PM companies.

Family Offices
Private wealth managers are becoming increasingly popular and these small teams handle such a wide range of tasks, a vacancy is often a nuisance instead of a first concern. But a lack of income can stack up quickly and affect outcomes. Our service is a stop gap to fill in the cracks and ensure notice from a tenant doesn’t trickle down to temporarily adversely affect key performance metrics.

Builders, house flippers, and property developers of all stripes acquire vacant property or find themselves with a vacancy as they pursue permitting and development. They are busy adding value in their core interest and expertise and find filling the vacancy a tedious distraction. Easily filling a property with a few clicks is an easy proposition and increasingly popular option to simplify operations and optimize cash flow.

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