Frequently Asked Questions

How much does RentSavvy cost?


After placing your new tenant, we retain 50% of first months rent. We offer rate adjustments for landlords and property managers with more than one property, or property managers who want to retain any part of the process. Contact us for more information.

Where do you list my property?


We list on the major listing websites including Zillow,,, Craigslist, Apartmentfinder and quite a few more, depending on the market. Many landlords don’t want to go through the hassle of listing on all the other websites. We list on other websites and where possible, pay for premium listings. In aggregate, RentSavvy is able to get more leads to your property and rent it faster. We make it easy and do the work for you.

How do I know what price to list my property?


RentSavvy provides market analysis for every property. This is one of the first things steps in the process. The market analysis provides a customized report, tailored for your property address, that reveals local real estate trends and suggests a market price. RentSavvy also provides feedback and insight into this process, factoring in the our extensive real estate experience.

My property has a tenant right now. Can I list now to minimize vacancy?


Absolutely! We are at war with vacancy and will work within your parameters to show a place as soon as possible. While we have found occupied properties are harder to fill, we have found ways to mitigate and can guide you along the process. With RentSavvy, you have a partner working with you at every step.

How do you handle leads?


When prospective renters inquire, it’s critical to respond quickly. Renters typically have a 2-3 week window and are eager to find a place. We factor this into our automated system that schedules showings right away with interested applicants. A combination of automation and hands on customer service ensures we reply quickly and that we strike while the iron is hot.

Who gets access to my property?


The only person who gets access information to your property is a licensed realtor. Prospective tenants do not get into the property without a realtor who opens the door.

Our licensed Realtors are local to your market and possess specific expertise in your area and are very skilled in showing a property.  

Will I be notified of progress as my listing gets inquiries?


You are notified of new leads and applicants as they come in.

How do I ensure I am getting a good renter?


You set the criteria for your renter and ultimately you are the decision maker. RentSavvy brings you leads and applicants and you retain the ability to evaluate the criteria and make the decision. RentSavvy provides relevant information used to make a decisions such as the prospects credit score, their stated income, and background check results.

What work do I have to do to fill my vacancy?


The critical tasks you must complete are 1) setup a RentSavvy account, 2) enter details for your listing (address, photos a description, etc) and 3) physically setup a lockbox at the property. Once those steps are complete, we handle all aspects of the process. Once we have at least one qualified applicant, after your approval, RentSavvy will draft a lease and setup an electronic signature process.

I don’t have a lockbox!


If you don’t have a lockbox RentSavvy can provide one for you. We will retain an extra $75 for this service.

Will you write copy for me?


Every listing is reviewed by a listing specialist. RentSavvy will do our best ensure your listing has a compelling title and description. The Landlord or Property Manager should create the initial copy so the best features of the property are highlighted, best known by you!

Do you represent me as a broker?


Rentsavvy is a service. You are the decision maker and have as much or as little involvement as you would like along the way.

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