Power to the property owner.

The creators of RentSavvy understand the needs of property owners and managers. This understanding, along with a history of success in technology development, have led to the creation of this revolutionary tool that empowers the do-it-yourself property owner.

Rudy Bensimon


Since 2010, I've been buying investment properties in South Florida. As a landlord and a property manager, I've been on a mission to improve the placement process and create tools for other landlords to manage their properties.

Matt Willis


With a background in real estate as an investor and landlord, I'm passionate about using technology to empower owners to be more successful at finding, placing and servicing a tenant. There is a gap in technology related to landlords and tenants we are ready to bridge.

Miquel Waller


Miquel has been on engineering teams that have been a part of successful acquisitions as well as has been a leader in technology in the Microsoft, LAMP as well as front end frameworks. His expertise affords him a wide variety of talents from IT to front end development.

Nathan Decker

Marketing Advisor

Nathan has a deep background as a marketing director and a leader of marketing teams which has afforded him experience from advertising to analytics. As a speaker in many marketing related events, he is a thought leader in many of the new up and coming marketing tactics and tech.

Kobi Bensimon

Senior Advisor

As an entrepreneur, Kobi has been working in prop-tech for over a decade with successful exits and several startups. Currently he is creating efficiencies in the tenant placement activities in property management with his new startup ShowDigs as well as with our team.

Ty Case

Industry Advisor

Founder of UrbanKey in West Seattle, WA, Ty is a successful real estate broker and property manager. He brings decades of real estate experience to our team to make sure our product fit the customer and market.

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