Tenant Placement Cancelation Policy

Through our process we quickly advertise, pre-screen, host and help prospects apply quickly so that you have the information to take the final step toward leasing. We have seen placements in as fast as 48 hours and often go from listing to lease in in less than two weeks.

So what's the catch?
We cannot do this alone. We guarantee our technology and service, but to place a tenant it takes your partnership. Unlike a property manager, you are in control of your decisions, price, and ultimately, your home. We communicate quickly and streamline the process but in the end, our landlord clients must participate for this to work. We are here to empower you and do all the hard work, but you retain control of your future.

There are a few things that are required for the RentSavvy placement guarantee. Meeting these requirements also makes you more successful in your search.

A competitive price is required
If a home is competitively priced, our processes work fast.  If a landlord wishes to search for a longer period of time, looking for the perfect placement that will pay above market rate, we cannot guarantee placement in a timely manner.  

You are in charge of your rental amount, but in order to place quickly, the price must meet the market. If a home has quality photos and description and does not generate interest within a few days of going live, the price is nearly always too high. If the landlord decides not to adjust the price to meet the market it will likely affect how long it takes to place a tenant and we cannot guarantee a fast placement.

The home must be presentable
The home must be clean, free of major defects and ready for our agents to host tours.  The home must be free of occupants that do not allow for a successful representation of the home, and the home cannot be in a state of disrepair or without proper functioning utilities or appliances. If the home doesn't show well, it won't rent quickly and we cannot guarantee placement in a timely manner.

Work orders do not qualify for refund
Unless there is a quality issue, work order visits such as taking photos, installing a lock box, performing a walk through inspection, or tours at your home are not covered for refund. If we send an agent to the home, we do not refund the cost of those visits as the service was rendered as ordered. All assets and value created during those visits are yours to keep, including but not limited to pictures, videos, inspection reports, or feedback.

This is your home and we need you to participate
Unlike traditional Property Managers, we empower you to pick your applicant and sign the lease but we work together as a team.   We will do all the hard work to get you an applicant but you should expect to work with applicants once they are identified.  We can advertise, create successful tours, help you screen applicants, and collect payments but we do not negotiate on your behalf.  Landlords that do not wish to interact with applicants should hire a Property Manager.

What if I you change your mind?
You can feel free to get started with us and even get our advice on your strategy and price, free of charge - no strings attached.

Once we publish your listing, however, employ external services on your behalf for publishing your listing, your pricing analysis, and other tools and services so if you choose to cancel after we publish your home, a minimum $199 cancellation fee will be applied to your refund.  In addition, any service for tours, inspections, photos sessions and other fees may also apply.

Final notes
Ultimately your success and satisfaction is our goal and we are in this together. If our team believes that your price, your home's condition, or your participation doesn't meet the expectations for a successful placement, we will help you with a solution. But our guarantee requires participation from you.