We've streamlined the placement process.

Here's how it works.

RentSavvy takes away the daily stress of filling a vacancy.

RentSavvy gets the word out to the right people.

Once your property lockbox is in place, we can spring into action on your behalf. We'll begin marketing your vacancy across the most popular sites and apps.


We handle showings with a CodeBox or licensed agents.

Interested renters do self-showings with CodeBox, or in select areas, a network of licensed agents provide on-demand showings — usually within an hour's notice.


We screen candidates and notify you of ideal tenants.

We do the legwork of confirming that potential tenants meet the requirements made at your request.


Once approved, we prepare the lease and move-in report.

If paperwork isn't your thing, you're in luck. We manage and complete the necessary documentation.


Move-in day! We provide you with the paperwork and funds.

The vacancy is filled with a happy tenant, the transaction is complete, and you have no worries about future management payments.

Key Benefits

Only pay for placement, no monthly management fees.

A streamlined process that takes that fills vacancies fast.

A transparent process that keeps you informed along the way.

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