5 common questions from landlords

5 common questions from landlords

When we talk to landlords about RentSavvy, these 5 questions commonly come up.

What makes you different from a traditional property manager?

Ironically we use almost exactly the same tools. We use the most effective listing sites, prominent screening processes, up to date legal services for lease agreements, agent networks for in-person showings or systems for self showings, etc. Our goal, is to be your property manager, at a fraction of the cost, at an improved service level, right from your phone or computer.

How can you provide in-person tours for my property?

We work with a network of professional real estate agents that can open the door and help sell your rental as a great place to live.  Our agents are required to submit a tour report that will detail the visit and any important details to help make sure you are well aware of opinions regarding the property and other important details to help you understand the tour experiences in your home.

How do self-showings work?

If you wish to go with self-showings, we can assist there as well where we can help each prospect get into the home and provide them with an application if they wish. It only takes a qualifying lockbox which you can register in your RentSavvy account when you setup your home.

Do you help with advertising?

Yes. Not only do we syndicate your home with all the major listing services we also integrate with them in such a way that allows us to quickly schedule tours most times of the day, 7 days a week.

How do you screen applicants?

We use the top screening services available and after they are screened, we notify you for review. If you choose not to accept the application we will screen the next applicant. Once you decide on a party to rent your home to, we will help draft and sign a lease.