Work Order:
Property Photos

Work Order Description

This work order is for an agent to take photos of a rental property that will be used in our rental listing. The expectation is to take enough photos of the interior AND exterior of the property so that we can choose our favorite 20-25 photos to publish. 0.5 zoom lens required (2020+ iPhone or Android).

Photo Requirements
Please take as many photos as is necessary to represent the home.  This will typically be 30+ photos for the average house and yard.

Please turn on all relevant lights and open all shades and curtains.  Maximize sun and light exposure for the best quality photos.  A good quality phone will work but photos must be a minimum of 2MB (or more than 2000px x 2000px).  If there are broken lights or burned out bulbs in important areas of the home, please contact us.

- Choose your widest lens (0.5 zoom minimum preferred).
- Use landscape view whenever possible.  This orientation works best online.
- Please take photos from 4-5 feet off the floor (or chest height) - NOT 6 feet (eye height).
- Pick doorways and corners of the room to capture the best angles.

- Take multiple photos of important rooms (kitchen, bathrooms, living areas)
- Take several great kitchen photos - these are typically highlighted
- Capture areas that may be a challenge for some people (stairs, walkways, porches and decks)
- Take pictures of common areas outside the home, such as shared pools and playgrounds
- Please take close care to capture at least one excellent picture for our featured photo. Typically the front of the house to represent the home.

Blurry photos will not be accepted so please remove them before sending if present in your collection.  
Photos that are not level (crooked) also need not be submitted.

Final Notes

Photos can be shared via Google Drive, Dropbox or similar then shared with us by email to
Please ask if an alternate method is needed. Do not cut the video into any more than 2 files.

Take photos as if it was your client, and your listing. We appreciate your help!