Work Order for
Property Move-out Report

Work Order Description

This work order is for an agent to document the condition of a rental property at move out of the existing tenant. Checklist can be downloaded here and must be printed out for completion.


Please document the condition of the rental as if you were preparing it for a new tenant.  The property should be clean and ready for move-in, free of major issues and flaws.  Add photos generously.

- Document and photo anything of disrepair such as broken appliances, lights and other devices.
- Document and photo smoke and other alarms - missing or not in operating condition.
- Document and photo walls and floors for wear and tear.
- Document and photo any broken or malfunctioning doors or locks.
- Document and photo the condition of the yard.
- Document any dirty or non-move-in-ready areas.
- Fill out the RentSavvy checklist. If the tenant is not present you can leave the signatures field blank.
- Use your finger or a pen in photos to point to small items worth note in the pictures.
- Obtain the tenant's signature confirming that they agree to the details.

Final Notes

Report can be shared via Google Drive or Dropbox, then shared with us by email to
Please ask if an alternate method is needed.

Thank you. We appreciate your help!